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Just 3 hours from Boston, Vermont will make you feel like you’re visiting another country. The tranquil ambiance of a towering mountainside and the gentle whisper of a nearby stream will transport you to an area of New England you didn’t think existed. If you’re trying to leave the vibe of the city behind, go north, then west. We’ll meet you in Vermont.

Often stereotyped as the boondocks of New England, Vermont may be just that. The term “boondocks” was derived from the Filipino word, “bundok”, meaning “mountain”. Considering the mountains of Vermont are what make it so unique and utterly breathtaking, perhaps it could be called worse.

More and more people each year are considering Vermont as a destination for their special event. It is a welcomed escape from urban lights and traffic jams and is not so far that you couldn’t sneak away for a long weekend. If a wedding is in the works, the Mad River Valley is the quintessential Vermont wedding spot, complete with covered bridges and other recovered architecture from the 1800’s. The spring and summer are emerald green, the winter is pure white, and the autumn is a spectrum of fiery shades splashed across one of America’s most handsome landscapes.
Whether you come for a wedding, the skiing, the camping, or simply for the foliage, you can rest assured, relaxation is at its best in Vermont.

Helpful tips for event planning in Vermont

– Many Vermont area resorts may offer discounts for large groups. When planning your event, take this into consideration. Your guests will be more likely to travel for your event if they do not have to worry about driving home after.

– Vermont offers a large variety of activities. It is not just a wonderful destination for weddings. Family reunions, corporate outings, and intimate anniversaries are also cause for celebrating. Skiing, golfing, camping, and nature driven sightseeing are only a few of the things to do in Vermont.

– If you have not yet chosen your other vendors, please consult with your Murray Hill Talent agent. We enjoy close working relationships with many of New England’s top vendors.




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