Solstice – Turntable DJ & Musicians

A modern twist on a classic sound

A fresh modern alternative to the “traditional jazz oriented” background ensemble. Solstice offers cosmopolitan ambience at a manageable volume. Down-tempo drum and bass, mellow dub and electronic textures intermingle with rare vintage soul and cool jazz. The result is and engaging modern blend that perfectly underscores conversation without ever feeling stuffy, boring or outdated.

This group can also function as a traditional party DJ for clients looking to transition their event from background ambiance mode to dance party mode. Repertoire can be broadened to include all styles and eras of music such as: Top 40, Club, Jazz, Motown, Swing, Disco, Oldies and Classic Rock, 80’s, R&B, Reggae, Classical, Hip-Hop, Country, Ethnic, and beyond.

Visual appeal

Your guests will find the live DJ spinning, scratching and beat-matching actual vinyl records intriguing and fun to watch. Digitally manipulated MP3s are also utilized with the popular club DJ program Serato Scratch. The live musicians performing with the DJ will also bring a sophistication to your event that cannot be understated.


The group is available in several configurations including turntable/laptop DJ with solo trumpet, atmospheric guitarist, saxophonist or percussionist, or any combination thereof. The live musicians can be utilized for the entire event, or during earlier portions of the event (background ambiance for cocktails and/or dinner) and then transition to the DJ taking over to facilitate any dancing later on, should your guests want to take things in that direction.



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