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I saw a number of guests the next day and they were all “sore” from dancing! I never had to worry or even think about sound, noise levels or song selection. The dance floor was never empty and with out a doubt – all guests had a fabulous time.
– Maureen Sullivan, Nantucket Island Events

Translated as “faraway land”, Nantucket was incorporated as a town in 1671. By the early 1700’s, it was the third most populated municipality in Massachusetts, with only Boston and Salem holding more people. Obviously times have changed since then, but for each year-round resident, there are probably five tourists who wish that they could also call Nantucket home. With more than 82 miles of beaches, there are few locations in America that can touch the caliber of Nantucket.

Becoming a high profile event destination in the late 1800’s, Nantucket is home to just 10,000 people year-round. During the summer months, though, the island hosts more than 56,000 people, many traveling with their cars. In 1880, when the tradition of the American summer vacation really came into being, Nantucket exploded with popularity. Hotels and summer homes were popping up by the dozens and they were advertised in Boston and New York newspapers.

Planning a wedding or event on Nantucket can be a strenuous undertaking. The island is only accessible by ferryboat or small aircraft and arrangements must often be made close to a year in advance. There are several wedding and private function vendors located on the island but they can be on the expensive side because of high demand. Still, Nantucket is one of the leading event destinations on the east coast, and with good reason. Once the vendors have been confirmed and the guests have booked their ferry tickets and accommodations, the only thing left is the actual event. With the elite status of event planners and gorgeous venues on the island, Nantucket events, such as weddings, are ones that will be remembered forever. Each detail comes bursting to life with the vibrance of the perfect island wedding.

Helpful tips for event planning on Nantucket:

– Research ferry schedules ahead of time. A ferry ticket must be reserved prior to the travel date. The boats fill up quickly so encourage your guests to make arrangements several months in advance. If you are planning an evening wedding, your guests will most likely have to stay on the island overnight. Check with your Murray Hill Talent representative for recommendations on where to stay.

– Venues on Nantucket all have a noise ordinance of some type. Be sure to research this information when planning your wedding or private function. Some venues will require you to have all music turned off by a certain time. Other venues do not allow amplified music of any kind. Consider the type of atmosphere you are trying to create before you commit to an event on the island.

– If you have not yet chosen your other vendors, please consult with Murray Hill Talent. We enjoy close working relationships with many vendors who frequent the island to serve at destination weddings, etc.




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