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We represent Martha’s Vineyard Wedding BandsMartha’s Vineyard Wedding DJs and musicians for Martha’s Vineyard wedding receptions, ceremonies and cocktail hours. Thirty-nine square miles; an endless stretch of lazy beaches; population: 15,000. Welcome to Martha’s Vineyard. Located just south of Falmouth, Cape Cod, “the Vineyard,” as it is known by tourists and locals alike, is a mecca for summering families and elite socialites from all over New England and New York. For those looking for the ultimate destination for their special event, Martha’s Vineyard is as good as it gets.

Officially founded in 1602 by British born Bartholomew Gosnold, Martha’s Vineyard is the largest island in southern New England. Gosnold named the island after his mother-in-law, Martha, and began building the first house New England had ever seen. A small fort followed for the settlers who had traveled with him, but when he planned his return to England, they were determined to leave with him because they were afraid of the Indians. The Mayflower followed Gosnold’s route to the American coastline 18 years later.

Today, the Vineyard is a getaway for the rich and famous. National celebrities such as Carly Simon, David Letterman, and Mike Wallace are frequent visitors of the island. In addition, former president, Bill Clinton and his family made the Vineyard their annual vacation spot. With this kind of track record, hopping a ferry to Martha’s Vineyard is a symbol of status and wealth. With beautiful scenery and beautiful people, it’s hard to beat this destination for your wedding or next special event.

Helpful tips for event planning on Martha’s Vineyard

– Research ferry schedules ahead of time. A ferry ticket must be reserved prior to the travel date. The boats fill up quickly so encourage your guests to make arrangements several months in advance.

– Venues on Martha’s Vineyard all have a noise ordinance of some type. Be sure to research this information when planning your wedding or private event. Some venues will require you to have all music turned off by a certain time. Other venues do not allow amplified music of any kind. Consider the type of atmosphere you are trying to create before you commit to an event on the island.

– If you have not yet chosen your other vendors, please consult with Murray Hill Talent. We enjoy close working relationships with many wedding vendors who frequent the island to serve at destination weddings, etc.

– Keep in mind that Murray Hill Talent represents many bands, disc jockeys and musicians on Island and that sometimes the best entertainment choices can be the ones that don’t need to travel far to get there!




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